Frequently Asked Questions

In summary, what is your value proposition and what are the benefits to a company wishing to enter the EMEA market?
When looking to break into the EMEA market for the first time, you will be balancing the need for an early ROI against the clear risks, substantial up-front costs and high management time/cost overheads typically associated with this challenge. We address these issues.

GlobalXtend locate, qualify and contract the same high calibre sales personnel you would ideally look to recruit for your own payroll. We then jointly manage these individuals under contract to GlobalXtend, dedicated full-time to your organisation. At the end of our assignment, with their skills clearly demonstrated, you have the option to seamlessly transfer these same personnel to your payroll, maintaining the momentum achieved during the contract phase.

This unique and simple approach maximise's your opportunity for a early ROI while virtually eliminating the operational hiring risks, day-one cost exposure and high management time/cost overhead typically associated with a traditional direct hire approach.


Why not use 'commission only' Sales Reps?
To maximise their earnings potential, individuals prepared to operate on a 'commission only' basis will typically represent a number of clients and will naturally focus on the least complex customer opportunities that have the shortest sales cycle.

Unlike a dedicated sales individual focused solely on one company’s products, an independent Sales Rep is unlikely to be persistent if they encounter any significant resistance from a prospect. Equally, they are very unlikely to have the time or patience for a strategic sales campaign necessitating parallel effort in various parts of a target organisation.

Clearly, if these individuals are marketing differing technologies from multiple companies, they are unlikely to have any allegiance or focus on one solution. This is a key issue, with the significant risk that your company and products may not be represented in a manner acceptable to your organisation.

The lack of focus and company allegiance coupled with sporadic communication and weak, unpredictable forecasting makes this a very risky route for any technology company serious about creating a sustainable presence in the region.


Why not just go ahead and hire our own regional personnel?
This is a perfectly reasonable course of action and one adopted by many organisations. However, this approach also presents a number of challenges.

First you must determine which geographical base location offers the most advantageous commercial environment, specifically with regard to local employment law. You must also ensure that the chosen location has a strong talent pool of potential employees experienced in Pan-EMEA start-up situations. Once the base location has been agreed you will need to engage a suitable recruitment agent/head-hunter, find the time to interview multiple candidates, set up a supporting local infrastructure, provide sales training specific for your solutions then fully resource your chosen personnel.

Once hired, you must find the time for day-to-day management of your new personnel, addressing their needs remotely. If your organisation has limited knowledge of the EMEA market, this may prove an interesting challenge. Finally, you must also be prepared to suffer the fiscal and commercial consequences of getting it wrong i.e. find downstream that you have employed the wrong people. NOTE: Strong employment laws in many EU countries result in high extraction costs, substantially greater than with ‘At-Will’ contracts typical in the US.

This traditional approach clearly has a number of advantages. However, in the early stages of market development, this approach also carries a number of inherent risks, management time/cost overheads and significant financial commitments that may not be acceptable to your organisation.


How do GlobalXtend find the right field sales personnel?
Each member of GlobalXtend’s core management team brings with them a wealth of experience in technology based pan-Europe and pan-EMEA start-ups. This practical knowledge and experience is brought to bear when choosing the most applicable individuals for each specific role. Utilising a small number of niche specialist recruitment organisations, numerous personal contacts and our own extensive internal database; we are uniquely qualified to rapidly locate, qualify and contract the best sales personnel for any assignment.

Our success is dictated by the success of our chosen personnel in the field. For this reason we guarantee that the calibre of personnel we choose will match or exceed the criteria you would use with your own direct hires. If we don't agree, we don't do business.


How can we be sure that the quality of GlobalXtend’s contract sales personnel meets or exceeds our own criteria?
GlobalXtend has a unique value proposition for our clients; key to our success is the choice of contract field personnel.

  • First of all, we are very strict in our vetting criteria, if we get it wrong, we all fail. To maximise the opportunity for an early ROI, we will only contract demonstrably successful sales personnel with strong current knowledge of your specific technology space, market verticals and target geography.

  • The GlobalXtend management team understands this challenge through many years of practical experience within the industry. If the individuals we choose do not deliver the results expected, we both fail; it is clearly in our interest to get it right first time.

  • To ensure the chosen personnel perform and continue to deliver results, we work with your executive team, providing joint local management of these individuals during the term of our assignment. Our success really does depend on your success.

  • One advantage of local management is the ability to spot issues quickly. In the unlikely event that an individual does not work out during the course of our assignment, we guarantee to replace them with an equivalent calibre individual at no additional cost to you.

In any event, no agreement will be ratified between our organisations before your management team have given their endorsement to the personnel we have chosen.


What are the benefits to us of your sales management services?
In a typical direct-hire scenario, the head hunters responsibility for your chosen candidates will end when the candidates commence employment with your organisation.

In the GlobalXtend scenario, our responsibility continues until you are completely satisfied with their performance in the field, they have achieved the desired results and you are ready to make a direct-hire decision. It is therefore in our interest to spot issues quickly. If a contractor is clearly not performing, we will replace that individual at no additional cost, ensuring a seamless transition.

GlobalXtend management will typically take part in your sales progress reviews, help ensure the forecasting is accurate and assist where appropriate with sales calls and closures. Given the time zone issues, there may be times when our local knowledge based on extensive practical experience, can help overcome issues that need an immediate resolution.

As we see this as a team effort, our core management and market-entry skills may also be useful in discussions with your personnel over local tactical matters, strategy, local marketing and approach. The success of GlobalXtend depends on the success of our people in the field. If our contractors achieve their objectives and transition to your payroll at the end of our assignment, we all win.


Are your contract sales personnel dedicated, full-time, to our company?
As would be the case with your own direct hires, all our contract personnel are dedicated, full time, to a single client. This is a clear differentiator for GlobalXtend and a very different approach to that adopted by independent Sales Reps and virtually all other sales outsourcing, sales acceleration and sales lead generation companies operating in the region today.


Why should a high calibre sales person work on this basis?
First of all, we only engage with organisations that have products with real market potential and clear market differentiators; a key factor for any high calibre sales individual. The ‘exact skills match’ approach we use for every contract ensures that the sales personnel have a minimal learning curve i.e. productive from day one.

We remunerate the field sales person with a realistic percentage of the assignment retainer plus commission. As our personnel are classed as independent contractors not employees of GlobalXtend, we make no deductions i.e. they are paid gross. From a retained income perspective, this method of working can be highly beneficial, specifically for contractors based within the EU.

Lastly, we expect successful contractors to move over to your payroll at the end of our assignment, where both the contractor and the company will be clear as to the viability of a long-term commitment.

For many confident, high calibre personnel in today’s market, this approach makes real sense.


How much does your service cost?
The cost of GlobalXtend’s pan-European sales outsourcing services over one year is circa 40-50% less than analyst estimates of the total costs you would expect to incur with equivalent direct hires based in the region.

In summary: set against the option of direct local hires, our cost model is exceedingly competitive, we virtually eliminate the inherent up-front risks associated with this exercise; employ a rapid and professional time to market approach, significantly reduce your management overheads and provide the option for a risk free exit strategy. Don’t you agree this makes sense?

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