Sales Plan and Execution

Key to our success to date has been team work; working closely with our clients to ensure we keep on track and on plan. Preliminary planning is key; to ensure we are on the same page from day one we jointly agree a list of named target accounts together with a detailed go-to-market plan outlining sales strategy, focus and goals.

Initial Market Penetration
To expedite initial market penetration, a 'direct' sales approach, possibly addressing your primary EMEA target accounts on a vertical basis will maximise the opportunity for an early ROI; account control is key.

Complex solutions requiring integration services may benefit from a 'pull/push' sales strategy. If worked correctly, this technique provides direct sales influence, focus and control within the target account 'pull' while 'pushing' the order fulfillment through a solution provider favoured by the prospective customer.

Direct control over the end-customer will expedite the sales process; maximising the opportunity for early 'in region' reference accounts. The appointment of the customers favoured solution provider should overcome any post sales support concerns and result in a pro-active channel partner going forward.

A pull/push strategy may be the optimum initial approach for solution sales into large Enterprise, Financial, Internet Service Provider (ISP), Carrier and Government verticals. Successful OEM sales, while primarily a 'direct' sale, may also benefit with support from a favoured solution provider

Augmenting Channel Sales Going Forward
A 'direct' sales approach maybe supplemented by the appointment of regionally based ' indirect' channel partners strategically located across the region. For indirect channel partner appointments, we will initially look to appoint System Integrators type organisations in preference to Value Added Resellers (VAR's) or two tier distributors.

It should be remembered that set against an initial 'direct' sales approach, a pure 'indirect' sales strategy (perceived as an easier methodology adopted by most sales acceleration/outsourcing companies) will significantly elongate the sales cycle; control of the end-customer is key.

Forecasting & Execution
We expect execution of an 'Agreed' go-to-market plan to be closely monitored by both parties. To facilitate this, GlobalXtend personnel will adopt your own individual tracking and forecasting tools e.g. As we see this as a team effort GlobalXtend management also take part in your regular sales calls, discussing progress and resolving any issues that arise as we move forward.

We would expect to run most sales cycles to contract stage, liaising closely at all times with your personnel. We see final pricing and contract negotiations as a joint exercise.

GlobalXtend's personnel have developed a very focused market entry methodology through years of practical experience. The individuals we manage during the assignment will be seasoned professionals who have strong understanding of your market, technology and appropriate target customers. We understand this business and we deliver results.
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